Who Is Miles Guo?
  • A Story of Miles Guo Wengui.
  • The beginning of everything.

In a small mining town in the heart of Jilin Province, a young boy was born.

He was called "Seven," being the seventh born into a family of eight brothers during the Cultural Revolution.

His parents were poor, with Seven's father being labeled an enemy of the state. The father wore a patched jacket every day the whole year that the mother meticulously repaired, and Seven wore mismatched shoes.

Despite the difficulties they faced, including hunger and the need to burn wet sticks for warmth, Seven's parents instilled in him a fierce independence.

As Seven grew older, he watched his family struggle to survive.

He saw his parents and siblings subjected to extortion and violence.

He knew that the only way to protect his loved ones was to forge his own path. He grew more agitated by the hardship his family had to endure as he saw ways of changing it. And so, with a determination that belied his young age, a clever mind, and an open heart...

Seven set out to make a better life for himself and his family.

Leaving his small mining town, Seven traveled to the south in search of work.

He found himself in a bustling, dynamic place and had to use his quick wit to survive and succeed.

He bought and sold a variety of goods, including watches, pants, and even live pigeons. Despite his youth and inexperience, Seven was able to support his family with his earnings and came to rely on himself for his own success.

He never forgot where he came from.

After some time he ventured back home to his family with new knowledge and skills.

Seven's hard work and determination allowed him to open a small steamed buns shop.

This helped him break from the hardships of his past and improve the lives of his parents and brothers.

At the age of 15, he already possessed a magnetic charisma that drew many into his orbit.

Each found their own measure of happiness in his company. Yet, it was only when he encountered the girl who would become his wife that his once untethered heart began to find its lasting anchor.

The person Seven chose had the important qualities of a companion.

Care, understanding, open-mindedness, and bravery, and this enabled them to secretly elope despite what others approved of.

He further worked to improve his family's fortune by moving to the vigorous north.

There he managed a factory and enhanced his ability to lead.

Even as China began to "open up," the opportunities for advancement were limited by the political atmosphere and the government restrictions.

Seven had to navigate the complexities of living in a Communist nation, but unrest was growing within the country as the people desired more than what they were subjected to under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Peaceful protest emerged calling for democracy.

Seven believed that freedom was the key to a happy life, so he sold his rare motorbike to donate to the cause of those calling for freedom in Tiananmen Square.

Despite the bravery of the protesters, the CCP responded with violence.

Tanks rolled through the streets and bullets were released into crowds. To this day, the number killed and injured is unknown.

Most people know the events that transpired on June 4, 1989.

What most people don’t know is how long the Party terrorized anyone with a connection following the massacre.

He witnessed the torture and execution of many falsely accused inmates.

During one of his interrogations, he was told his only younger brother had been shot by police.

Even though his brother was defending Seven's wife and infant daughter, he was refused treatment at the hospital.

His brother died after three agonizing days.

Seven thought about his family, the anguish they felt after all that had happened, even though Seven had tried to build them a better life.

How spectacular and fragile the flower of life is, he thought, and realized he was going to die in this prison. He accepted that fate.

Yet he was eventually released, against all odds.

The first thing he did was set out to retrieve his brother's urn of ashes.

Seven knew that he had to keep fighting.

For 30 years, Seven planned and prepared for a difficult journey ahead.

With the help of others who had also survived incarceration, they formed a support system and worked towards a common goal of creating a better future for China.

Despite the watchful eye of the CCP, Seven used his cunning and resourcefulness to outmaneuver his enemies and protect those he loved, all while working to create the conditions for something new to grow.

Seven created spectacular ventures before he had to face the CCP head-on.

He remained focused and kept his head down while he slowly gathered information and intel on those around him, many of which were high-ranking CCP officials.

Seven was not alone in his fight for democracy and rule of law for China.

He had his family and others who shared his dream by his side, forming a united force determined to support each other and fight for the freedom of the Chinese people.

However, Seven knew that success would not come easily.

The CCP was determined to maintain their grip on power and would stop at nothing to weaken or destroy anyone who threatened their control.

Seven prepared for the long challenges ahead that would affect everyone in the world.

Even though many have tried to silence his warnings, Seven would not give up.

He continues to stand strong against the CCP for his family, for the people of China, and for humanity...

Although many have felt the darkness come, Seven and his supporters continue to battle against it.

Just as the light of a single candle can dispel the darkness of a thousand years, the moment we light a single candle of wisdom, no matter how long or deep our confusion, ignorance is dispelled.” ― Joseph Goldstein

Everything has already begun.

What makes a person who they are?

Some say it comes from the roots, and others say through the way you grow. Whether looking to the past or the future, the moments that are remembered are the actions taken and the reasons behind them. It is up to each individual to decide which side they will stand on and how they will be remembered.

This is the journey of someone who has decided to stand on the side of freedom, a journey that tests strength and determination and is filled with challenges and obstacles. How do you describe someone who never gives up and stands tall for what they believe in, someone who will go down in history as a fighter of freedom and justice?

How do you answer the question: WHO IS MILES GUO?

To Be Continued...